Puppy Foundation

Puppy Foundation is an introduction to CANINE CONCEPTS theory of dog training. The theory is based on confidence, courage, and trust.  Your puppy will trust  your judgment.  In return, you will notice that your puppy will be more focused and willing to please you. As the owner / handler you will learn how to keep your puppy emotionally and environmentally safe by building a bond based on trust. In addition to being confident and courageous, your puppy will be able to excel in any environment.


Senior Citizen Training

This type of dog training is designed exclusively for seniors who desire a well-behaved dog without the worries of unwanted behaviors.  The dogs are trained to work according to the senior citizens' capabilities.


Private Training

Private training is an intense and individualized dog training program that starts at the customer's home. As training progresses, other areas around Pittsburgh will be selected.  For example, unfamiliar settings, parks, different neighborhoods, high traffic areas, etc.  Prices vary for this service. Mileage charges apply.      



 Behavior Modification

 These sessions will identify the problem behaviors, with the dog, the handler, or both. Canine Concepts will develop a behavior plan specifically for you and your dog.




You and your dog will learn what CANINE CONCEPTS
refers to as the "Life Savers".  The "Life Savers" include having your dog sit, down, stand, come, heel, and stay on command.  All of these "Life Savers" will be taught on and off leash.  This obedience class is designed to develop a well behaved and trustworthy companion. 


Canine Concepts now offers two new training classes for beginners through advanced:

Canine Focus

The goal of this course is to teach puppies and dogs of any age to focus on the handler regardless of distractions.  Intense training exercises will enhance dog's concentration and bond between dog and handler.


Rally Obedience

Handler and dog proceed around a course of designated stations with dog in heel position.  The course consists of 10 to 20 signs that instruct the team what to do.  It is permissible to encourage your dog during the course.





Family Protection

Your dog will be trained to protect you, your family, your home, and your possessions.  There will be some training in the field, but most of this type of training will be done at the customer's home.





Business Protection

Your dog will be trained to protect the perimeter as well as the inside of a building.  The training will primarily be done at the business location, but other locations are necessary.  This type of training will allow the dog to be confident and courageous without a handler present



Ring Sport and Schutzhund Tune-Ups

If you compete in Ring Sport or Schutzhund, this class is for you.  Whether you are preparing for a trial or having issues with training, Canine Concepts will fine tune you and your dog for competition.



Canine Concepts specializes in the procurement of green dogs and fully trained dogs for police service work.  Also, Canine Concepts breeds Belgian Malinois from top European bloodlines.  All fully trained dogs include a handler's course and maintenance package.

Canine Concepts offers a full range of police service dog training including decoy training.  We also conduct training seminars.

Police Dog Shield Drill

  Pittsburgh, PA

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